Expert Witnesses

November 6, 2021

Nearly every state requires, in a medical malpractice action, that the standard of care be proven by qualified experts. The problem victims of medical malpractice face is that rarely are doctors willing to testify against other physicians in their home state. For this reason, expert witnesses must generally be retained from outside of the state where the malpractice occurred. Because medical malpractice actions involve complex medical issues, the quality of the expert witnesses are critical to successfully prosecuting a medical malpractice action. At Pauley Curry we strive to retain the highest quality experts available to review your case and explain how your healthcare provider committed malpractice. In addition to experts who will testify about what your medical provider did wrong, qualified experts must also be retained to testify as to how the breach of the standard of care by your medical provider caused your injury. In addition, we will have to retain experts to testify regarding the nature and extent of your damages. These types of experts may include vocationalists, rehabilitationists, life care planners, economists, statisticians, experts in the loss of household services and various other specialties depending upon the nature of your injury and damages.