Truck Accident Lawyer

Given our country’s growing global economy, there are more trucks than ever on the roads. Goods are trucked thousands of miles from point of origin to market in order to provide people with more products and a better selection of products than ever before. While this is certainly a promising result, the reality is that the demand for products has put more and more trucks on the roads vying for the same road space as the average family in their car. When this occurs, accidents happen. And when there is an accident between a passenger car and a huge truck loaded down with thousands of pounds of cargo, the results are most often devastating for the driver and passengers in the cars. In a fight between a passenger vehicle and a tractor trailer, the tractor trailer almost always wins. There are many reasons trucking accidents happen. Some of the more common reasons usually involve more than meets the eye. Trucks can be improperly maintained, the drivers can be tired and fatigued from the incredible amount of driving they do, the trucks can be overweight or oversized, and the trucks can be exceeding the safe speed limit for their load and the road they are traveling. In West Virginia, there is the additional danger of overloaded coal trucks with which drivers must contend.

If you are involved in an accident with a truck, it is important that you protect your rights. Your first concern should be taking care of any injuries or medical conditions you have. It is important to seek medical attention no matter your financial status. Tell the medical provider exactly what happened. Sometimes it takes time for an injury to show itself, so make sure you get to a doctor or hospital. Next, you need to contact your insurance company and report the accident. Depending on the situation, a delay in contacting the insurance company could affect your potential claim. Finally you should talk to a lawyer. This is the best way to protect your rights after being injured by the negligence of a truck driver. The trucking industry is regulated and often, only a lawyer knows what to look for to determine the maximum amount of recovery you may be able to receive. It may not just be the driver’s fault. There may be liability on the part of the trucking company itself. Don’t agree to settle with the trucker’s insurance company without talking to an attorney. Settling too soon or without considering all the necessary factors will lower the value of the settlement.

The experienced lawyers at Pauley Curry, PLLC are skilled at handling trucking accident claims. Our lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience in handling personal injury cases. We can guide you and assist you through the process of a truck accident lawsuit as easily as possible.

Our lawyers understand the science and medicine involved in your case. We have access to a wide array of experts needed to win your case. We have the experience and compassion to know and understand how you personally are suffering – physically, financially, and emotionally. Your lost wages, both past and future, are an immediate threat to your family’s well being. Medical expenses, not covered by insurance, continue to mount. The psychological stress and pressure brought about by your inability to work and enjoy life as you did previously is devastating. We understand these problems.

There are many reasons to hire a truck accident lawyer to represent you when you are injured. First, a good truck wreck lawyer has experience dealing with and knows how to deal with insurance companies. For years the lawyers at Pauley Curry, PLLC, represented defendants on behalf of insurance companies. As such, we understand how they think, their defense strategies and their valuation models. Having that kind of experience is invaluable in representing injured individuals.

Second, the lawyer representing you takes the burden off you in dealing with the details of the case. A good lawyer is dedicated to your case and spends time dealing with other parties, lawyers and insurance companies. Because Pauley Curry, PLLC is a small firm, you will receive the individualized attention your case demands and deserves. Also, because the firm is small, our lawyers handle your cases personally. Paralegals and staff members will assist the attorney, but you can be assured that an experienced lawyer is in charge and working on your behalf.

Finally, individuals represented by a lawyer generally receive higher settlement amounts or verdicts compared to those who are not represented.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, call Pauley Curry, PLLC for a consultation as soon as possible. Our firm provides free consultations, by phone, in our office, or at any location convenient for you. If our lawyers agree to take your case, we work on a contingent fee basis, advancing all the costs and not recovering anything unless you do.