Kentucky Lawyers

While our law offices are located in the state of West Virginia we are admitted to practice in the states of West Virginia as well as Kentucky.

Our firm is dedicated to building relationships between you, our lawyers and our staff so that you receive personalized attention while we work tirelessly to pursue your case, even for our wide range of clients residing in the state of Kentucky. Our size allows us to understand the local laws and judicial systems to be better prepared for your individual needs. Your needs will be met, your questions answered, and you will get the best results possible. We have defended many of the same types of suits in which we now represent plaintiffs, we know and understand the potential defenses and how to minimize and overcome them.

Kentucky Medical Malpractice Attorneys

If you think you can’t afford to pursue a case, think again. At Pauley Curry, PLLC, we provide free consultations, by phone, in our office, at your home, or wherever else you may need to meet. If our lawyers agree to handle your case, we work on a contingent fee basis which means we advance all the costs and we do not recover anything unless you do.

Please be assured that our lawyers and staff are committed to you, your family and your case. A Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney from Pauley Curry, PLLC can help you with all personal injury cases, including car accident injury, medical malpractice, and related injuries. Call our Kentucky Medical Malpractice lawyers and Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation at 304-342-6000 or 606-420-4478.